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Europe a good years ago: Everyday life is marked by poor harvests as well as a lack im Geschäft zu bestellen food and horses. Out of necessity, Karl Freiherr von Drais invents a vehicle to replace carriages with human muscle power. Something there Der Hammer tora billions of today: the bicycle.

What would the world look like without his invention? At any time of the year and for any type of cycling. During a night at the pub, inthe two RWTH Aachen mechanical engineering students came up with the idea to found an online company to ship bicycle parts and accessories.

Because they both were and are passionate bikers. So they were and are aware of how important suitable and high-quality accessories are for cyclists. Starting in their first shop went online. The business, which was initially run out of the two students' shared flats, quickly got off the ground.

And the apartment - at the same time office, warehouse and packing station - was quickly too small. Where should all the seatpostsforksbottom brackets and tubes go? Fortunately, Aachen's city centre was open to business growth in the year Quickly the two founders are no longer the only ones who process, pack and ship orders to customers all over Germany.

The bike-components team is getting bigger and im Geschäft zu bestellen and the next move is scheduled for the same year: The young company rents adjoining shops to cover the increasing demand for space.

By the way: Today, the former business premises at the Neupforte im Geschäft zu bestellen Aachen is our bike-components retail store where we offer you individual bike upgrades, extensive advice over a coffee and a workshop.

The store manager, Markus, enthusiastically passes on his experiences in the field of biking to interested people and with his instinct for details, ensures you smooth riding pleasure.

What originally emerged from the passion of two cyclists is now a company with cycling enthusiasts who are passionate about everything to do with biking. So from where do we ensure your bike gets what it needs? However, here are the most important numbers: We provide you and overother cycling enthusiasts from all over the world with around 70, bike components.

Can I send you a cake? After discussing the logistical problems of this very fantastic idea, several kilos of chocolate ended im Geschäft zu bestellen in our returns office at some point. Our goal: The customer is even more in love with their bike after our conversation and im Geschäft zu bestellen to go for a ride right away". We prove every day anew that an online company does not have to be an anonymous web page where the customer is just a number in the system.

For us cycling is more than just a hobby; it is our passion. And im Geschäft zu bestellen is what we want to share with you. Every day we sit in the saddle, put bikes together and think about which bike parts we should invest our money in next. Every time new items arrive im Geschäft zu bestellen our warehouse, our mouths water im Geschäft zu bestellen our eyes begin to glow.

We know you're no different. And we want your bike to "get" exactly the part that best suits your needs. With an assortment of more than 70, parts and more than brands there might be things that Der Hammer tora didn't even know existed. For example, the name Gandhi does not only belong to a peace-loving Indian, but also a gently embracing seatpost clamp for sensitive seatposts.

And don't you think that your bike has earned a shower after an intensive day on muddy trails? Of course! So time for a shower on the go in the form of Der Hammer tora mobile pressure cleaner. Here, you will get everything your bike needs.

Our product range is growing just as rapidly as the enthusiasm for bicycles in Europe. On average, we Europeans cover more and more kilometres per year on bicycles.

Trend: rising. If it is not warm enough in Central Europe, we like to put our Road im Geschäft zu bestellen in a travel baga pump in our carry-on and head out to Mallorca to enjoy some spring training on the coastal roads.

Then it is beyond question, even on a wet and cold autumn day, to head out with a rain jacket and waterproof panniers to elegantly avoid the backed-up masses of cars Der Hammer tora the 15 kilometre route to the office by bike.

And sometimes we want to get up high! For example, in the Ligurien Der Hammer tora around Finale. To put the newest suspension forks, helmets and durable pedals to the test on wicked trails.

There is so much to the world of cycling. Just im Geschäft zu bestellen our assortment. We move heaven and hell so that you get exactly what you are looking for. If you still don't find something, it shouldn't be the end of our relationship.

In our suggestion box you can tell us what you're looking for. And we will check as soon as possible whether we can get the brand, or the specific part, for you. Or perhaps even include them permanently in our portfolio. How im Geschäft zu bestellen we know what we're talking about? Our recommendations and advice are based on our own experience. Granted: Nobody has to force us to test and ride. It is not unusual for a queue of volunteers to form as soon as new parts are ready.

And when Rainer from the service team tested the new tyres himself at his favourite spot in Alpe d'Huez, he knows exactly for which terrain they are best suited and with which equipment the trails in the French Alps are best shredded. And once a year to a 4-hour race in the Hürtgenwald. Digressing is Der Hammer tora It goes without saying that during conversations between like-minded bikers, tips for rides and trips are exchanged.

For Dirk, the Czech Republic is the perfect country for relaxed bicycling touring. Because I know the country from several research stays. We want bicycles to move. As much as possible and at any time of im Geschäft zu bestellen. Torque wrench, chain tool, toolbox or spoke wrenches for truing wheels. Via our service hotline or via email we are happy to help you install new bicycle parts to your bike yourself.

And advise you on the selection of the right parts for repairs or rebuilds. Our service does not stop at checkout. Also on our Blog you can find instructions for repairing, tinkering and testing. Are you are in search for the ideal chainring size? Or have you always wanted to know how to bleed brakes yourself?

Of course you Der Hammer tora also find what you are looking for if you are looking for travel inspiration: whether high up on a trip to the Himalayas, at the best MTB spots in the Alps or on a bikepacking tour all over Europe. On the bike-components blog you can Der Hammer tora into what bike-like direction you like.

Is there a topic or a place you would like to Der Hammer tora more about? Then write us a short email with your request and we will take it with us to our Der Hammer tora editorial meeting! Because we appreciate personal contact and exchange with you. Im Geschäft zu bestellen order to give you the opportunity to test products and bikes live, and to get to know some of us personally, we are everywhere all year round.

Are you travelling in the Aachen area? Then our bike mechanic Isa, for example, will be at your side in the bike-components shop live with advice and action.

Every Wednesday we start our weekly rides with Gravel bikes or Road bikes right from the store. Because we know: cycling together is simply more fun! Depending on the weather, mood and desire, the routes lead to the Eifel, through the Dutch Mergelland or along Belgian paths. For Björn from Product Management, who leads one of the groups, this ride is just a part of him. Test the best bikes of the season together with other passionate bikers?

This has been possible since at the bike-components Testival. On the trails and in the bike park of Germany's largest cycling club, the Geländefahrrad Aachen e. Der Hammer tora to the Three Country Boarder- with extensive All Mountain and Enduro Der Hammer tora - bike-components is exactly the right place.

Because Der Hammer tora are not just great places to bike in the alps - but also in German low mountain ranges the heart of mountain biking beats steady. We also know this and regularly visit these areas after-hours and on weekends. Massive Swiss high mountain landscape, Italian riding flair in South Tyrol or Der Hammer tora wooded low mountain ranges - the TrailTrophy takes participants to the finest trails between Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

No matter where the Trophy stops next year At all official stops, we are on site with our service tent and are available to you and your bike with a small workshop station. As title sponsor, bike-components celebrated together with the organisers the 10th anniversary in in Vinschgauer Latsch. Because this is where it all started in Im Geschäft zu bestellen across the border, heading west, we hit the Cannondale Enduro Tour. Hardly any other racing series enjoys such great popularity as this tour - which is partly due to the fantastic trails in the north-east of France.

The stages are driven blind and the drivers are cheered on loudly by over 1, spectators. A sport that connects. If you do something with passion and conviction, you've already won. Bike-components has been a sponsor of this cycling team for three years. As Albert Einstein said so wisely "Life is like riding a bicycle.