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Another version of the name origin derives it from the words Sar Atauwhich means the "Boggy Island". Uveka city of the Golden Hordestood near the site of the modern city of Saratov from the midth century until its destruction by Tamerlane in While the exact date of the foundation of modern Saratov is unknown, all plausible theories date it to ca.

Town status was granted to it in By the s, Saratov had grown to Der Pferdeerreger in saratowe an important shipping port on the Volga. The Ryazan-Ural Railroad reached Saratov in A unique train-ferry, Der Pferdeerreger in saratowe by the Ryazan-Ural railroad, provided the connection across the river between the two parts of the railroad for 39 years, before the construction of a railway bridge in During Januarywith World War I dominating the Russian national agenda, Saratov became the destination for deportation convoys of ethnic Germans, Der Pferdeerreger in saratowe, Hungarians, Austrians and Slavs whose presence closer to the western front was perceived as a potential security risk to the state.

The Luftwaffe was able to destroy all the fuel stock at bases in Saratov and eliminate the oil plant in the city. Until the end of the Soviet Union inthe Soviet authorities designated Saratov a " closed Der Pferdeerreger in saratowe "—strictly off-limits to all foreigners due to its military importance as the site of a vital facility manufacturing military aircraft.

The city of Saratov played an important role in the history of the Volga Germans. Untilthe town of Pokrovsk present-day Engelslocated just across the Volga from Saratov, served as the capital of the Volga German Republic. The ethnic German population of the region numberedin the early 20th century, with some people whose families had been there for generations. Beginning with Catherine the Great 's Manifesto promising land, freedom from military conscription and religious freedom, the Russian Emperors invited German immigration in the 18th and 19th centuries to encourage agricultural development.

The Volga German community came to include industrialists, scientists, musicians and architects, including those who built Saratov's universities and conservatories. After the beginning of the German invasion of the Soviet Union in Junethe Soviet government forcibly expelled the Volga Germans to UzbekistanSiberia and Kazakhstan September ; few ever returned to the Volga region, even after rehabilitation. Beginning in the s, a large portion of the surviving members of the ethnic Germans emigrated from the Soviet Union to Germany.

Reminders of the once prominent place of Germans in the city remain, with the Roman Catholic St. The building designed by Mikhail N. Grudistov b. Saratov is the administrative center of the oblast [1] and, within the framework of administrative divisionsit also serves as the administrative center of Saratovsky District[9] even though it is not a part of it.

Saratov has a moderately continental climate with warm and dry summers and an abundance of sunny days. Summers are hot and dry in Saratov. Snow and ice are dominant during the winter season.

Saratov Oblast is highly industrialized, due in part to the richness in natural and industrial resources of the area. The oblast is also one of the more important and largest cultural and scientific centers in Russia.

Saratov possesses six institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciencestwenty-one research institutes, nineteen project institutes, as well as the Saratov State Universitythe Saratov State Socio-Economic Universitythe Saratov State Technical Universityand many scientific and technological laboratories attached to some of the city's large industrial enterprises.

The airport serves flights to both international and domestic destinations. Saratov West Der Pferdeerreger in saratowe a general aviation airfield. The aerospace manufacturing industry is served by the Saratov South airport. Nearby Engels-2 air base is the main base for Russian strategic Tu and Tu bombers.

Motorways link Saratov directly to Volgograd, Samara, and Voronezh. The railways also play an important role. The Privolzhskaya Railway is headquartered in Saratov. The Volga itself is an important inland waterway. Buses and trolleybuses form the backbone of public transport in the city. Information about revenues and expenditures of the city budget for the period — Saratov is host to a number of colleges and universities. In a newly renovated campus for the Saratov Regional College of Art was opened.

One of the city's most prominent landmarks is the 19th century neo-Gothic Conservatory. When it was built inthe Conservatory was Russia's third such institution after Moscow and St.

At the time, Saratov, with a population of , was the third-largest city in Russia. The main building of the conservatory had been built in by architect Alexander Yulyevich Yagn, and originally it housed a music school.

Before the opening of the conservatory inthe building was reconstructed by the architect Semyon Der Pferdeerreger in saratowe Kallistratov. When Saratov Conservatory opened in Septemberit immediately had 1, students ready to begin their studies. Der Pferdeerreger in saratowe Saratov Drama Theater was founded inmaking it one of Russia's oldest.

It is ranked as one of Russia's National Theaters. In Soviet times, the theater was renamed in honor of Karl Marx, but now carries the name of Ivan Der Pferdeerreger in saratowe —an actor, theatrical director and educator, born in the city. The full name in Russian is The I. It contains more than 20, exhibits, including ancient Russian iconsas well as works by some of the finest Russian Der Pferdeerreger in saratowe e.

Among the remainder are TatarsUkrainiansArmeniansKazakhs and others. Saratov is twinned with:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. City in Saratov Oblast, Russia. For other uses of "Saratov", see Saratov disambiguation. City [1].

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