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To all my sisters out there whether you are a girl, woman, bitch, cunt, or a lady. A full-Brazilian wax is absolutely an important part of life. We used to to a nice salon to get our waxing done, but we now give Sex auf der Nemes other a waxing about every 2 weeks, give or take a day or two. Our waxing or plucking includes any facial or other body areas that sprout up strangely…. The pussy and asshole, and butt and thighs, and down our legs and feet are so important to be silky smooth.

With any of this aloe Vera gel and your favorite lotions are a must to help the skin not to be rashy. Remember, the female body needs constant maintenance Sex auf der Nemes day of our lives. Regular waxing is so important part of being the woman He wants. We have to maintain our bodies. Hairless is our way. Our pussies and ass must be and stay hairless; shaving, and waxing is so important to keeping men wanting and desiring us.

It can be done. Like anything thing else it takes a lot of Sex auf der Nemes and daily commitment to get any ass to open up like this. A large steel speculum is a must. When I work with my fellow bitches who try BDSM and like to go deeper and deeper into it, my Master, Blackie, myself and other serious kinksters tell the newbies just having an orgasm is not enough.

Like an athlete, this is serious training in our life. Stretching the pussy and asshole is stretching your min d to accept a Sex auf der Nemes life. BDSM everyday is a great lifestyle. Stretch your mind and body for a new lifestyle. This is where I usually bring in the single tail and have some fun. Simple construction of a Wooden Pony. When my Master talks with other men about having some equipment for their bitches, He bring me out to show them how simple it is to make various designs Sex auf der Nemes how to use them.

Not entirely impenetrable by light as a tight hood is, but keeping anything except differences between bright light and darkness out. So they effectively blinds the Sex auf der Nemes and denies seeing anything of value.

A perfect way to be kept blind when taken out, and a fun way for others to be able to watch the facial expressions of the wearer. If the hands can not reach up to remove them, or fingers are useless like in mittens, they are as effective as a lockable blindfold or hood. Thank you. Master has the right to dictate what I look like. Collars and corsets are a real fact of my daily life. When he says take it off, I do so. We went to Glam party and he chose for me to dress this way.

Thank you, yes I received your message. I get a lot of good and bad comments. I appreciate your kind words. I do hope you find the mistress your looking for. There are both men and women out there who can help you in your journey.

Fetish groups from all over do meet and many are helpful and encouraging to us who need a different way to live. I hope I bring a little info that helps. I am limited, since this is all I can do. Stay committed and you will get there.

I have no regrets about my path. It takes Sex auf der Nemes lot of planning and makeup to look presentable. Surgeries, tanning, healthy food, workouts can make any female into a different person. My Master is wickedly creative with my body. My Master has an expectation that at least one of my 3 holes be filled at all times. A butt plug is the right tool for the job at the gym. However, they fall out easy without a strap or tight panties to keep it in place. What I do is push the plug inside my ass past the upper sphincter so Sex auf der Nemes easier to hold Sex auf der Nemes place while in the gym.

It comes out being patient on the toilet and relaxing letting gravity relaxing the ass to get it out after workout. Having at least one hole stuffed at all times may seem difficult, but it is really Sex auf der Nemes about training yourself, just like anything else. This is a good point. I let go of Sex auf der Nemes other people said I Sex auf der Nemes to be and the feminists.

I love being completely wrapped in BDSM. A blank canvas can be made into anything. I just do the best I can to be what my Master wants. Yes, I do receive deep welts and cuts at times. As for my new titts, I no longer get them abused. Once you start increasing breast sizes the skin and nerves changes as the body adjusts. I do miss it, but having great breasts that my Master enjoys is better. By the way you look amazing but the question I had was I noticed that you did not have your collar on which seemed strange.

I know what a stickler your Master seems about your appearance and though the event was obviously not one a corset would be appropriate but I'm surprised that you did not have your collar. I was wondering why so and how often does he allow that?

I tried to send this to you about a week ago, but the whole of what I wanted to say would Sex auf der Nemes fit in the limit of Sex auf der Nemes box.

So I used the 'Submit' button instead. My real question now is: did you receive it? I don't mind if you choose not to respond to it, but I would like to know that you received it. Anyway, thank you for sharing. I love wearing plugs for extended periods of time but have always been afraid to wear it at the gym.

I'm sure you will show your appreciation. Are your new tits recovered enough to get "worked over" yet?