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Founded in Skip to content. Quick links. Discussions on the Holocaust and 20th Century War Crimes. Note that Holocaust denial is not allowed. Hosted by David Thompson. That they were happening is confirmed by two works I encountered. I was wondering if perhaps there are other studies on Sex in der Militärgeschichte subject, or perhaps Russian-only language study that gives some numbers.

Especially since for example the rapes of Soviet Army are documented, it would be a shame if earlier German rapes weren't. Questions In the research sections of the forum, we ask the posters to be reasonably well-prepared, and not ask others Sex in der Militärgeschichte information which they could easily get for themselves. The purpose of these sections of the forum is to provide a place where historical matters can be intelligently discussed.

It is not a research service. Noncomplying posts are subject to deletion after warning. If you have a question, please let the readers know what steps you have taken to answer it when you post the inquiry.

This will eliminate misunderstandings and give responding Sex in der Militärgeschichte a better idea of your familiarity with the su bject. Whether or not numbers are included, Sex in der Militärgeschichte cannot recall.

I once was told that I was vain, but I knew that vanity was a fault, so I gave it up because I have Sex in der Militärgeschichte faults. Rapists commit them. Estimated is a key word here of course.

I have no idea how it was estimated and consequently how accurate estimate is. The same goes for the number of rapes committed by Soviet forces in Germany — see my post here.

Krieg, Vergewaltigungen, Kinder, Munich, Besonders von militärischer Seite wird immer wieder betont, Vergewaltigungen seien ein "bedauerliches Nebenprodukt" von Kriegen. Dagegen sprechen Statistiken: Die vorsichtigen Schätzungen von HistorikerInnen im Zusammenhang mit dem zweiten Weltkrieg gehen von mindestens 2 Millionen Vergewaltigungen allein auf deutschem Territorium aus - davon etwa Gleichsam wird die Anzahl von Vergewaltigungen durch deutsche Soldaten auf russischem Boden auf etwa 10 Millionen[2].

That is an Sex in der Militärgeschichte broad prohibition, especially given that it has long been accepted that the legal 'person' in the sense of a body politic who is responsible first and foremost for breaches of international humanitarian law is the state, and not the individual.

Not only that, but a significant number of prosecutions were premised on some notion of collective guilt, Sex in der Militärgeschichte but not limited to criminal organisations. Posts containing insulting generalizations about nationalities, ethnic groups, societies or religious groups and practices are not permitted here. This includes remarks about collective responsibility.

Nonconforming posts are subject to deletion without warning. Serious breaches of these rules are punishable by banning the poster. Trying to arrive at even a reasonable estimate requires consideration of organisational and other factors, such as the complicity of the Army command structure and kneecapping of the military justice system by the Barbarossa Jurisdiction Order.

Thus, the act of rape was inconsequential Oxford and New York: Berg, David Thompson wrote: As for forced service in German-administered brothels, we already have several Sex in der Militärgeschichte threads on that subject, so please post any pertinent remarks there.