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Die Probleme mit der Potenz der Beratungsstelle

Andy continued the mini series on Jesus and focused on Jesus as a Rabbi. How Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto you feel about Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto When times are difficult do you struggle to speak out? Last week Andrew began our mini series about Jesus and he spoke about Him as the outsider and challenged us to step out of our comfort zone. This week I am going to focus on the person of Jesus as Rabbi.

In looking at Jesus being a Rabbi, the ultimate teacher I want to show how that makes this verse such a beautiful truth. Your miraculous signs are evidence that God is with you. But the Son of Man has come down from heaven. I love Jesus. I love him for a whole bunch of things but I really wish I could have been there when he delivers this one liner to Nicodemus.

You really have to take your Christian hat off here for a second to really appreciate what Jesus is saying. Seriously put yourself in his shoes. He recognises him as a respected teacher who can preform miracles but that is it. He just drops this bomb.

It is from one of my favourite TV shows Derek. A mock documentary about year-old Derek, a care worker in a home for the elderly who has worked there for three years. He is kind, helpful, and selfless, with good intentions, but is vulnerable because of his childlike naivety and distractions from society. He is ridiculed and ostracised, as well as being marginalised by mainstream society because of his social awkwardness, unattractiveness, and lack of inhibitions.

In this clip Derek is having a conversation with this financial manager about what it means to earn money. I really feel for Nico at this point. Bear in Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto Nico must have had a crowd or least a small group listening in to his conversation and he must be feeling a little bit awkward.

Show alpha video We use this video on Alpha to describe God cancelling our debt and It really hits home that God is the judge, but Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto paid the price, the punishment for the crime his final.

There is no judgement for anyone who knows Jesus. But it gets better, because Jesus the Rabbi wants to take us on a journey and To help us understand John and Matthew more fully this morning I want to take us deeper into the world of being a rabbi and following a rabbi, I want to make this statement of Jesus, my yoke is easy jump off the page like 3D.

Therefore I want to Hand out honey to every person and I would like every person Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto put a blob of honey on their finger and keep it there until I tell you. So in Numbers 15 God says I want you to remember the commands and put them on the corner of your garment and that meant that every Jew would wear a shawl with knots on the end reminding them of the commands.

These tassels or knots were referred to as Tzitzit. So any good Jew would wear a prayer shawl, on which it had these Tzitzit zeetzee hanging from the edge. And they used these to help them pray. It reminded them of how God created them to live. If they had a slogan for T-Zit-Zit it would be: When life gets in the way and drags you down the wrong road be reminded by these Tzitzit how to please God.

And so one of the huge arguments amongst the teachers of Jesus day was how young can a child start to learn the Bible, the Old Testament, at what age can they be a sponge and soak it in so they can start to please God. This was a bid deal to them. And it is for us, the concept of learning and how best and when best to test children and young people still is huge, and rightly so because it is important.

For the Jews education was central to the life of the community. They understood that if the next generation did not know the OT deep in their bones then they were likely to fall apart as a faith community. Do we believe that as a church? Do our young people and children know that Bible well? Do they know it well enough that they could teach someone else if we were not around? So their discussion was at what age should you start teaching the bible.

Well here was the general consensus. May the words of God be the best thing you have ever ingest!! As a child you were introduced to the bible as though this was the best thing you could ever memorise. They can memorise if they want too. You may doubt yourself, but you would. Then the best students would carry on studying and they Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto study another 4 years, from you would learn the rest of the OT Joshua through to Malachi.

So at 14 you would have the entire OT learned off by heart. Then at 14 if you were good enough you would start to follow a rabbi, our equivalent of a PHD scholar.

And each Rabbi had a particular way of following the text. A way of living based on how they understood it. Whereas another rabbi would hear your teaching and say I will agree with this and this, but I disagree with that and instead I do this this and this.

Does that make sense? So every Rabbi differed on how to follow and apply the OT texts. If you have recently been on the bible elective you will know that as hermeneutics. And the rules each rabbi had was called their yoke.

Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto when you follow Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto rabbi you would take on their yoke. You would live your life by their rules. Some of those rules were mental. How many steps you could take on a Tuesday, to walking on hot coals after having whipped yourself.

It was all about self justification. A feeling of piety based on what you have done. They were looking for someone who would take on their yoke and live it out exactly how they did. Literally live their life exactly like the rabbi. The student would want to do everything exactly as his Rabbi did and this is Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto we get our word disciple.

And so along comes Jesus a Rabbi. A boy who had a learned the Torah, had learned the OT he becomes a rabbi and he is looking for disciples, disciples who will dedicate their lives to following him. That does things his ways because we want too, and feel that we have too and that any other way is contrary to our very nature.

But I think we find that hard to hear. But it does mean that we need to live this life knowing that God does not judge you. You are free and God wants you to live life to its full. This morning Jesus the Rabbi is saying to all of us, if you know me you are my disciple and my spirit is in you, helping you a live a life honouring to me, Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto do not judge you.

And so I want to challenge two different groups of people this morning. It may be a feeling of uncertainty in your faith, let it go, God says if you know my son your name is on the guest list.

This is a church full of broken individuals, this is a hospital not a hotel. People are here because they are ill not to just stay the night. Last summer I remember I was having a bad week and someone said to me, you ok?

I was gutted. If that is how people view me I am Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto. But Jesus the Rabbi says to me. And Jesus the Rabbi says to each of us. Because otherwise discontentment can start to set in and that leads to negativity Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto criticism.

Looking back I realise now it was folly. In john it says remain in me and I will remain in you. So when we feel a bit off the best thing we can is open our mouth and sing.

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die.

We need to speak out, you feel off form, worship God, nothing can bring us back on form quicker. Skip to main content. Search form Search. You are here Home. Download MP3. Matthew For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto light. And to do so I want to start with an encounter Jesus had found in John 3.

To see the kingdom of God, to see Heaven on earth you have to be born again. I think an encounter with Jesus is more like this next clip I want to show you… It is from one of my favourite TV shows Derek. My yoke is easy. These tassels or knots were referred to as Tzitzit So any good Jew would wear a prayer shawl, on which it had these Tzitzit zeetzee hanging from the edge. They understood that if the next generation did not know the OT deep in their bones then they were likely to fall apart as a faith community, Do we believe that as a church?

To be a disciple is Sex in der Natur mzhm Foto live your whole life following your chosen teacher.