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Es kann keiner gerecht sein, der nicht menschlich ist. Luc de Clapiers. Life in SolitaryConfinement: Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis world, can you hear me? Water Protector Legal Collective. Mai Kids with Family in Prison Discover How to Break the Silence They are the sons and daughters, nephews and nieces, grandsons and granddaughters of prison inmates. Of the nearly 2. Mai Wer gewinnt bei der europäischen Appeasement-Olympiade? Der Unterschied zwischen dem, was Tommy Robinson getan hat und jedem anderen Reporter ist, dass die BBC und andere Mainstream-Medien entschlossen sind, so wenig wie möglich über die Massenvergewaltigung von ungläubigen Mädchen zu berichten.

The difference [between what Tommy Robinson did and any reporter] is that the BBC and other mainstream media are determined to give as little coverage as possible to the mass Muslim rape of infidel girls. Gatestone Institute, by Bruce Bawer. Mai Short prison sentences do not work, says justice secretary Short prison sentences of less than 12 months do not rehabilitate prisoners and should be a last resort, the justice secretary has said, adding that the UK is now holding too many people in jail.

The Guardian, by Damien Gayle. For months afterward, local law-enforcement seemed stumped by the crime. Eventually, the top prosecutor — Doug Evans — charged a former store employee, Curtis Flowers, a black man who had no criminal record. Mai 1, prisoners to be released from jail in decongestion move The Judiciary is Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis to release petty offenders this year in a move aimed at decongesting prisons.

Mai Demand Reality Winner's freedom, give her a Pulitzer An anniversary is an arbitrary milestone that we in journalism use sometimes to address a topic. The problem with waiting for the one-year anniversary of Reality Winner's incarceration is that she isn't just a topic.

She is a person. By Tom Whitehurst Jr. Native American activist and political prisoner Leonard Peltier is still battling poor health and prison conditions while his supporters continue to fight for his release. The Final Call, by Charlene Muhammad. Mai Texas prison officials reviewing disciplinary cases after quota requirement revealed.

The Texas prison system is reviewing dozens of disciplinary reports against inmates at the Ramsey Unit in Brazoria County after emails revealed a short-lived quota system that required guards to write up prisoners or face disciplinary consequences. Chron, by Keri Blakinger. Senator John Cornyn, one of the chief sponsors of new prison reform legislation aimed at reducing recidivism and rehabilitating low-risk offenders.

Houston-Chronicle, by Kevin Diaz. The Telford Unit reports by far the most assaults on staff of any state-run lockup and has one of the highest rates of understaffing. Take a look inside the northeast Texas prison where guards and inmates alike are suffering. Die finnische Polizei hat einen jährigen Serienwürger bereits zum vierten Mal verhaftet. Michael Penttilä soll nach Angaben Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis Staatsanwaltschaft einen neuen Mord begangen haben.

Tyra Patterson recently had a moment she once thought she could only dream of: She got to hug the teens she says helped save her life. Davon Eldemire had tried to Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis a small grocery store, shooting and injuring the owner. No wonder Trump picked him for Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis key administration post.

The New Republic, by Matt Ford. Mai SLO County has highest percentage of medicated jail inmates in the state. No county in California has a higher percentage of jail inmates receiving psychotropic medication than San Luis Obispo, state jail data reviewed by The Tribune and The Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis Bee shows. In Democrats controlled the House, Senate, and presidency.

Barack Obama was just heading into his second year in office. Social media was basically brand new. In Justice Today, by Shaun King. Im Kanton St. Die Polizei fahndet nach dem Jährigen. Mai Solitary confinement of juveniles on the rise in Cook County As other cities and states have moved to ban using solitary confinement as punishment for teens, the practice has increased at one of the largest juvenile jails in the country.

Chicago Reporter, by Jonah Newman. April What it looks like to be a woman jailed in Texas — where more are locked up than any other state. Texas now incarcerates more women by sheer number than any other state in the country, according to a new report. DallasNews, by Cary Aspinwall. April If we truly want to rehabilitate incarcerated youth, we must stop putting them in solitary confinement. For those who are still developing psychologically, the effects of segregation are particularly harmful.

Ein irakisches Gericht hat Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis Sonntag 19 Bürgerinnen Russlands wegen ihrer Mitgliedschaft in der Terrororganisation "Islamischer Staat" zu lebenslänglichen Freiheitsstrafen verurteilt. April Loss of experienced staff leaving prisons unsafe Jails have lost officers with 70, years of Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis between them in the past decade. The Guardian, by Michael Savage. Auch in russischen Gefängnissen gibt es Probleme mit gewaltbereiten Extremisten.

Ilya Petrenko geht der Sache auf den Grund. In Justice Today, by Lauren Gill. Bis zu 50 Männer sollen hier unterkommen. Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis leben sie kurz vor ihrer Abschiebung aus Deutschland. Der Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis geht erneut ans Bundesgericht. April Women who commit minor crimes 'need help not prison' More women who commit minor crimes should be given help and support rather than going to prison, a magistrates organisation has said.

April The state that wants to spend more, not less, on prison food Dropped onto Connecticut inmates' food trays in recent days was a concoction called chilitos, consisting of a cup of meatless chili mix, one slice of cheese, brown rice, refried beans and two tortillas, along with a half-cup of pudding and an 8-ounce drink.

April Guilty: Bill Cosby convicted of sexual assault A jury has found actor Bill Cosby guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault over a incident in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cosby, 80, faces up to 30 years in prison. Die Jury entschied in allen drei Fällen, in denen Cosby schwere sexuelle Nötigung vorgeworfen wurde, auf schuldig. Mother Jones, by Samantha Michaels. Texas Observer, by Michael Barajas.

The North Carolina State Bar is investigating a Florida lawyer for his treatment of two mentally disabled clients who spent 31 years in prison before being declared innocent. The Marshall Project, by Joseph Neff. April Corrections officer accused of taking bribes, having sex with inmates.

Neither did I, until this morning. Splinter News, by Emma Roller. The British Government has demanded the release of key evidence that could prove the innocence of jailed Brit Kris Maharaj. The Sun, by Corey Charlton. April Deadliest U. At least seven prisoners died and 17 were seriously injured after bloody violence broke out Sunday night at a maximum security prison in South Carolina.

It was the deadliest prison riot in the United States in 25 years. Democracy Now, Heather Ann Thompson. The actual number is 85 people, according to an informal survey it conducted Louisiana last month. Basler Zeitung. Vice News, by David Gilbert. April Flüchtlinge in Israel aus Haft entlassen Israel lässt mehr als afrikanische Asylsuchende aus einem Internierungslager frei.

April Illinois court panel breaks new ground in condemning police deceptions. An Illinois Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis Court panel opinion this week was groundbreaking in challenging police use of deception when interrogating suspects, experts said. Wenn die Polizei sie schnappt, sitzen sie ihre Strafe ab und werden ausgewiesen. Das Problem: Viele versuchen es später einfach wieder. April Twenty dead in attempted breakout from Brazil prison A number of inmates at a jail in the northern Brazilian city of Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis have died during an attempted mass breakout.

BBC News. Epoch Times. April The number of Texas kids behind bars is suddenly at its lowest point in decades. Dallas News, by Lauren McGaughy. April Cop killed a teen. Five Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis broke into a pair of houses in Millbrook, Alabama, in February to steal from them, police say.

Officers say Sex in der russischen Frauengefängnis went to check on a house and arrested one of the teens sitting in a stolen car out front with a gun. Miami Herald, by Josh Magness. Der berühmteste Bankräuber der Schweiz sass 35 Jahre hinter Gittern. Nun wird der Jährige Mitte Juli freikommen. April Fussfessel: Kanton St. Gallen ihre Strafe im Hausarrest statt im Gefängnis verbüssen. Ihre Anwesenheit zu Hause wird dabei mittels Fussfessel überwacht. Diese sei aber kein Allzweckmittel gegen alle möglichen Kriminalitätsformen, schreibt der Kanton in einer Medienmitteilung.