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News of the sale fetched news. Rio Tinto chief exe. The latest trend now is the systematic illegal removal of the metal bridge rails of the Swakopmund bridge at the entrance of the holiday town on the B2 coastal road. In a very short time not only the rails disappeared but also the metal uprights which keep the rails in place. Metal thieves are also busy in all the coastal towns at night, especially Walvis Bay, stealing taps, metal pipes and even water meters.

The result is not only confined to the owner or resident of the property suffering the physical loss of these items, but also water losses. China - Rössing Continued from page 1 returned to our shareholders. Many coastal residents who are part-time farmers and entrepreneurs would be interested to attend this event. Woody biomass is rapidly gaining momentum in Namibia where Sex in der Theateraufführung encroachment among others are used as an opportunity for the manufacturing bush-to-feed, charcoal and biochar, biomass energy and other composites.

N-BIG is a non-profit industry association for the biomass sector in Namibia. According to N-BIG the demonstration of the machinery and products would focus on harvesting, Sex in der Theateraufführung, milling, pelleting, carbonising, surveying, mixing, mulching, burning, smoking and others. The Expo opens at to The Expo will also be used as a platform to raise drought relief funds.

Note: Otjiwa Safari Lodge is situated 40km south of Otjiwarongo. Seals hunt penguins and other marine birds at Halifax island Eileen van der Schyff The already endangered African Penguins now face not only competing with the local fishing industry for fish or being hit with influenza or decimated by oil spills.

A picture below taken from a distance show a seal slamming a penguin against the water surface during a predatory killing. Recently, LMR reported on social media a few Cape gannets. The institution explained all the predators on the marine birds, they do not seem seabird species targeted are on the endangered to return to their normal feeding behaviour.

Adding intervention is the vessel for extensive periods meant that the required soonest. Ministry of Fisheries has been unable to take the The dramatic decline in numbers led to the necessary steps to stop this problem. Following African penguin being reclassified on the the devastating outbreak of bird flu affecting our International Union of Conservation of Nature's Halifax Island penguin population from IUCN Red List in from Vulnerable Sex in der Theateraufführung December last year this is obviously a very sad Endangered.

Some of the other endangered bird situation that needs to be resolved as soon as species are the Cape- and Bank cormorants and possible. Several accidents occurred this week in Walvis Bay, the B2 coastal road and the Mr44 behind the dunes.

The number of accidents remain a headache to the traffic authorities. Pictures below:. Nara Primary School Taxi involved in a rear-end collision with in 6th Street this week. Involved in an accident on the MR Be there tonight! Nara Primary School is hosting Miss! Nara Primary Schooltonight at the Kuisebmond community hall. The show, featuring Kalux, Estrolita Peterson and Dj will start at Tickets will be available at the!

Nara Primary School. Dresscode: dress to impress! The driver of this vehicle swung out to avoid a For more information contact Mrs Gaingos dog and his vehicle then slammed into a cargo Veered off the B2 Coastal road this week. Railways celebrate th anniversary Floris Steenkamp Namibia's railways are approximately years old next month, on 23 August. The first railway locomotive was landed here by ship on 22 August A well developed cargo railway network is essential if Namibia wants to stay in the race as import and export hub between the world and Southern Africa and a well developed rail service will take trucks and vehicles off the national roads and in doing so lessen the burden on national road maintenance.

Not to mention the positive difference it would make in the country's horrifying annual death Sex in der Theateraufführung and injury rate on our national roads. The German Government on their Staatsbahn State Railway used Sex in der Theateraufführung back-to-back locomotives Sex in der Theateraufführung that can be seen mounted outside the Windhoek railway station.

These little locomotives were used up to Windhoek and took three days to complete the journey. The Omeg line from Swakopmund to Tsumeb employed a much larger and more powerful locomotive the Omeg No. An Omeg No. This engine was built in Germany in and was replaced in by the NG-5 Class NG-5's can be seen on display at the Otjiwarongo and Usakos stations. The Class 7 was in use in South West Africa until when it was replaced by the Class 24, a much more power engine. There was a brief period in when a Class 20 was introduced on the S.

Fifty-five of the Class 7 served S. The diesel locomotive was important for the country as water for steam locomotives was scarce and the source of coal to power the steam locomotives situated in the far-off then Transvaal. The converting to diesel locomotives coincided with the broadening of the narrow-gauge Sex in der Theateraufführung Omeg line to Northern Namibia.

Diesel-traction had its obvious benefits for the country's national railway service, but there were also drawbacks. The Herero Rebellion resulted in huge Sex in der Theateraufführung in construction among others. The line's construction reached Usakos on 18 May and in August of the same year Omaruru. Despite many setbacks the line was completed before the end ofthe original construction deadline. August The matter was postponed to 29 July Further inverstigation.

Eric Ngwenya 56Dealing in and possession of a dependence producing drug July The matter was postponed o 24 July Trial Partly heard Judgement. Avelinu Hafereni Lipersa 30Drunk driving and Reckless or negligent driving September The accused was found guilty with evidence.

September The accused was found guilty and sentenced. Niiclaas van Zyl 44Housebreaking with the intent to steal and theft December The matter was postponed to 17 October February The matter was postponed to 12 August Mental Observation Sex in der Theateraufführung in terms of Section Legal Representation.

Juvenile- Pre-trial community service. Released in the care of a guardian. Legal representation. Legal Sex in der Theateraufführung. December The matter was postponed to 13 August The case was withdrawn against Hendrick Khan. Plea and Trial, docket not at court, disclosure not furnished. Lukas Awene 28Theft and Possession of suspected stolen property January The case was withdrawn against the accused. Final Remand for plea and trial, the complainant was not available.

Petrus Petrus 29Mass overloading July The accused was found guilty and the case was finalised. Sjimeion Endjala 36Theft July The accused was found guilty. Fillemon Tsuseb 28Rebecca Janson 44appeared on a charge of theft by false pretences. The matter was postponed to 1 August for other reason. Hoeseb Jason 25Eddie Vetjoza 23appeared on charges theft and possession of suspected stolen property.

The matter was postponed 13 August for co-accused to be rearrested. Dawille Van Wyk 31appeared on a charge of assault by threat. The matter Sex in der Theateraufführung postponed to 29 July for tracing of accused. Sex in der Theateraufführung accused is at large. Patrick Wells 50Sex in der Theateraufführung Wells 23a seventeen-year-old-boy, Melvin Fisch 25appeared on charges of kidnapping and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 21 November for plea and trial.

Fransiska Geises 51Revival Gawises 24appeared on a charge of dealing in potentially dangerous dependence producing drugs. The matter was postponed to 22 July for fixing of trial date. Benjamin Ambambi 31appeared on a charge of rape. The matter Sex in der Theateraufführung postponed to 27 August for further investigation.

Ernest Gurirab 46appeared on a charge of reckless or negligent driving. Sex in der Theateraufführung matter was postponed to 24 July for other reason. The accused was summoned. Alian Mbuyimunde 41appeared on charges of possession of cocaine, dealing in dependence producing substance and remaining in Namibia after expiration of permit.

The matter was postponed to 13 August for bail application. The accused remains in custody. Gideon Sex in der Theateraufführung Waal 33appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive blood alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 15 October for lab results. Phillip Natangwe 45appeared on a charge of corruptly Sex in der Theateraufführung office or position for gratification.

The matter was postponed to 20 September for continuation of trial. Sharon Geingos 32appeared on a charge of possession of cocaine.

The matter was postponed to Sex in der Theateraufführung August for continuation of trial.