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She has experience with work as a team leader and as an independent expert in various projects focused on gender equality and policy analysis and evaluation. Actually she is the national correspondent for the European Commission in the Network of experts on employment and gender equality issues and Network of experts in gender equality, social inclusion, health and long-term care.

In she has been awarded the Otto Wichterle premium for outstanding young researchers of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. She is conducting research and publishes widely on the economic independence of women, gender wage gap, gender in organizations, management and entrepreneurship, women and citizenship, Sex in der Tschechischen Republik 2014 and social inclusion, gender in care and family policies, gender-based violence, gender in science and research etc.

She publishes scientific articles, for example European Sociological Review, Czech Sociological Review and Transitionsbook chapters and expert reports on the issues above. She is teaching courses on gender and the labour market at the Charles University in Prague. Nancy Jurik, 6 months. Anna Pollert. Nancy Jurik, 3 weeks. Trond Petersen and Prof. Barrie Sex in der Tschechischen Republik 2014, 2 months.

Nancy Jurik, 1 week. Elaine Weiner, 2 weeks. Joanna Regulska, 2 weeks. Tweets by Sociologicky. Projects all current finished. Departments all research service. Position :. Head of department and Senior Fellow. Phone :. Sex in der Tschechischen Republik 2014 :. E-mail: Alena. Krizkova soc. Curriculum vitae Education :. Field of specialisation :. Teaching activities :. Foreign scholarships, fellowships or other academic study abroad :.

Biographic information :. Selected publications. Jurik N. Blending, credit, context: Doing business, family and gender in Czech and US copreneurships. View publication. Gender a energetika. Gender balance power map. All publications. Articles with impact factor Jurik N. Love Will Keep Us Apart? I would take any job, but…: Biographies of low-educated women at the intersection of class and gender.

The Division of Labour in Czech Hoseholds in the s. Jurik, G. The gender implications of labour market policy during the transformation and EU accession. A comparison of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia. Branchet, B. Gender and entrepreneurial intentions in a transition economy context: case of the Czech Republic. Flexibility trap — the effects of flexible working on the position of female professionals and managers within a corporate environment. Nagy, B. Life-long learning and new skills in the Czech Republic: A gender perspective.

Active aging and gender equality policies: The employment and social inclusion of women and men of late working and early retirement age in the Czech Republic. Elderly care in the Czech Republic. Provisions and providers. Violence against women and the role of gender equality, social inclusion and health strategies. National report Czech Republic. Gender mainstreaming active inclusion policies.

Meta-analysis of gender and science research. Country report Czech Republic. Access to health and long-term care. Equal for women? Fiscal system and female employment in the Czech Republic. Flexible working time arrangements in the Czech Republic. Ethnic minority and Roma women in the Czech Republic. The provision of childcare services in the Czech Republic. Gender segregation in the labour market: roots, implications and policy responses in the Czech Republic.

Gender Mainstreaming in the Czech Republic. Women and Transport in the Czech Republic. The gender pay gap in the Czech Republic.

Gender Mainstreaming Case Studies. Social inclusion, gender and disadvantaged groups the Czech Republic national report. Analysing Female Visibility. Position of Czech Women on the Labour Market. Konference Community, work and family. Stellung der Frauen.

Feminismus Ke koncepci diskriminace. Legislation and statistical data on childcare Sex in der Tschechischen Republik 2014, childcare benefits, childcare facilities and work-life balance arrangements in Czech society since the WWII and special focus on single parent families, Roma minority and foreigners.

Country report - Czech Republic. View project. Care arrangements and work-life reconciliation strategies of migrants in the Czech Republic. Intersectionality in sociological research of social inequalities and the impact of the economic crisis on employment.

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