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We selected a random sample from the members of each grouping. The Cronbach's Alpha was calculated for both every single dimension and the whole Students and Young Researchers Extend the horizons of science, scholarship and research. VIII, Decemberwww. To describe all the Sex in der Universiade Dorf material collected by the method of continuous sampling, various different methods were used: the field method, the descriptive and the diachronic methods.

In the process of analyzing the factual material different methods were applied: the method of continuous sampling, the field method, the descriptive and diachronic methods. The linguistic units that realize the basic meaning of the concept in their semantic structure have been isolated, linguocultural analysis of lexical, phraseological and Sex in der Universiade Dorf units and winged words and expressions has been carried out.

Karasik to the concept, suggest, besides the abovementioned, also including the components such as associative, etymological and historical into the structure of the concept Kononova,Galieva et al, Andramonova et al, Russian wedding is a multifaceted phenomenon, it is accompanied by a number of specific attributes and events.

The ritual of marriage is preceded by equally important activities, such as getting acquaintance with the relatives of the bride and groom, matchmaking and so on. The Etymological Dictionary by M. Marriage is a very important step on the part of both the newlyweds, since life as a couple requires certain efforts and obligations from each of them. Often people are not in a hurry to get married, which is reflected in proverbs and winged expressions.

Linguocultural concept, as is well known, comprises Sex in der Universiade Dorf components: imaginative, conceptual and value. According to V. However, the value component is considered to be the dominant one in linguoculturology, since it is the most culture-significant part of it, this is noted by a number of Sex in der Universiade Dorf in their works Davletbaeva et al,Zholobova, Murzina et al,Muharlyamova et al, And yet, for the most part, the idea of wedding and marriage and, accordingly, a lexeme denoting wedding realities, has a positive connotative meaning.

Single — half of a human. Wisdom of Our Ancestors, We have Sex in der Universiade Dorf come across a description of this celebration in the works of both Russian classics and contemporary literature. Chekhov, M. Zoshchenko, Y. In addition, the preliminaries immediately before the wedding are accompanied by the whole complex of feelings, thoughts, doubts of young people being on the threshold of married life. Why freedom? And suddenly he was seized with a strange feeling. We refer in our research to folklore, paroemiae, because the popular wisdom, concentrated in them, represents an objective Sex in der Universiade Dorf of the world.

What if she marry me just to marry? She can come to her senses and, only Sex in der Universiade Dorf having got married, that he does not love and could not love me. It is important to clarify that along with the idea of wedding as a celebration, festivity, there is also a heavy burden of responsibility of both spouses when they marry. The versatility of the phenomenon confirms its conceptuality in the Russian linguistic world image.

Many writers play up the situations connected with marriage, which are perceived as being negative and usually condemned in the society. It is a marriage of convenience, misalliance, hasty marriage and so on.

At the same time, such Sex in der Universiade Dorf are often presented in a comic manner. Ilf and E. Dahl References 1. The precedent utterances about Sex in der Universiade Dorf wedding, often used by Russian native speakers, also indicate the reality, importance and relevance of the concept under consideration. Uskov and V. Krasnopolsky on the novel by Soviet writer A. Volume 20, Special Issue Andramonova N. Davletbaeva D.

IDOSI, Explanatory Dictionary by Ozhegov. Checked Russian Etymological Dictionary: In 4 volumes. Galieva N. Ilf I. The Twelve Chairs. Karasik V. Different Mentality. Kononova I. Muharlyamova L. Mamleev Y. Murzina N. Proverbs and Sayings of the Russian People: V. Serov V. Encyclopedia of Winged Words and Expressions. Wisdom of Our Ancestors. Bochina T. Safin I. May, Svetlana G. Safonova, Irina V. August, Tolstoy L. Anna Karenina. Zholobova, A. Zhukov V. ZAKIROVA c Cultural connotation, being the interpretation of the components of the meaning of PU in the categories of culture, is overlays on the connotation as a linguistic Sex in der Universiade Dorf, generated by it.

The denotative macrocomponent of the meaning of PU is a kind of "theme" of phraseological units, and the components of connotation, playing a leading role, give it a new meaning. Each component of the connotation of PU can provide additional information of a national cultural character. First of all, such components of connotation are the emotional, expressive and evaluative macrocomponents of the PU semantics. Reading cultural information from the figurative basis of PU makes it possible to explicate the world outlook, the world perception, the spirit of the people, which received fixation and preserved in PU.

The connection between evaluation, emotivity and expressiveness in the structure of connotation is described in the works of many scientists Fedulenkova , I. Sternin, and others.

The emotive-evaluative macrocomponent forms the "peak" of the connotation of PU, and at its base lies an idea that has prompted the emergence of PU. And such a basis is the motivationalshaped macrocomponent of connotation Artemova The image is associated with the Sex in der Universiade Dorf sphere of a person, and, therefore, saturated with a personal meaning, manifested in the fact that the image unites the data coming through different channels of a human connection with the world, and is formed by perception, memory, and accumulated impressions.