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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Zsuzsanna Varga. Halmesvirta Anssi. Balazs Apor. Tverdota Gyorgy. Orsolya Rakai. They are complemented by a couple of specialized, independent contributions by Sex in der Urgemeinschaft working in the field of cults. It may be noted that the Finnish participants were newcomers in the cult research group since the Hungarian cult studies draw on traditions in the history of literature e.

Also studies in personality cults of the Communist leaders in the Eastern Europe have been launched there. In Finland the situation has been different. There have been lively cults of J.

Runeberg national Sex in der UrgemeinschaftJ. Snellman philosopher for the Finnish nation and other luminaries but genuine political cults have been relatively rare and ambiguous. In such a legalist country as Finland has been, revolutionary popular movements imitating National Socialism and Fascism Sex in der Urgemeinschaft by obsessive cultic practices, could not gain long-standing, firm foothold.

One of them was, for example, President P. Svinhufvud for the White Finland in the early s. Lenin and Mannerheim are exceptional types as they represent the heroism of the opposing political camps.

It has been a great intellectual pleasure and refreshment to the Finnish participants to get acquainted with the Hungarian insights and methods to study cults during the project.

Hopefully, the impact has been mutual. The Finnish contingent wishes to thank the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Finland for their support. His most important publications include: Jan C. Behrends, Polly Jones and E. Rees eds.

E-mail: balazs. His work has focused on Hungarian social and urban history in the nineteenth Sex in der Urgemeinschaft twentieth centuries and on the theory of recent historical scholarship. E-mail: gyanigabor invitel.

As an historian of ideas his main research areas include Victorian and Edwardian racial and political thought, and history of public health and sports.

Sex in der Urgemeinschaft Sulevi Riukulehto and Kari Pöntinen. E-mail: anssi. Her main fields of research are the history of criticism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, history and theory of literary and political cults, and social history of mass media.

Universitas: Budapest, E-mail: rakai iti. Nordisk Museologi deals with Sex in der Urgemeinschaft issues. E-mail: verautav jyu. In spring he taught at the University of Jyväskylä Finland. The Birth of the Third Hungarian Republic — E-mail: romsicsi v. Since she has been working as a lecturer at the University of Padova courses in Hungarian language and culture. Her fields of interest are typo- logical linguistics, Hungarian history and literature, social problems of Hungarian society reflected by modern art.

A morphological studyPadua Working Papers, N. E-mail: edit. He has dealt with cults since E-mail: tverdotagyorgy yahoo. Her research interests and publications are focused on the history of agriculture Sex in der Urgemeinschaft socialist Hungary.

Hungarian Studies Review, Vol. XXXIV, nos. In: Zur Physiognomie sozialistischer Wirtschaftsreformen. In: Hungarologische Beiträge In: Muddling Through in the Long s. Anssi Halmesvirta, Jyväskylä, E-mail: zsvarga yahoo. He has dealt with questions related to the social and political history of early dualistic Hungary, the history of political anti-Semitism Sex in der Urgemeinschaft Jewry, but also with questions of inter-war Finnish nationalism.

Gershon Hundert. Yale University Press, E-mail: welker mappi. Variations of its ideals could be found in the Wanderfogel, the Hungarian Sex in der Urgemeinschaft, in the scout movement, and many others which had their own cult symbols and figures St George et al.

Usually they were geared to national defense, fitness and character- building whereas National Socialism and Fascism set out to offensive, at first against their own societies, dismantling the representative institutions and the remnants of the state of justice by arbitrary and violent means. The often aggressive and militaristic images teeming in cult symbolism and practices were not foreign in Eastern and Northern Europe either.

In contrast, feminine cult figures represented purity and virginity. This volume contains a selection of some obvious Hitler as well as less-known cult-figures mainly from Central-Eastern Europe, a less-charted Sex in der Urgemeinschaft in this respect. We also purport to present theoretical insights into cult-studies in order to mark the essential conceptual boundaries.

The first two articles in this volume are historical-theoretical, purporting from different angles to throw light on the recent developments in cult studies. In cultic acts and spectacles the identities of the participants are reproduced and enhanced. The leap from traditional, communal memories to the level of modern historical consciousness makes nations see teleological horizons — our history continues Sex in der Urgemeinschaft brings us either happiness or ruin — manifested, for instance, in such 1 For one contemporary, incisive Finnish criticism of Nazism Sex in der Urgemeinschaft Fascism, see: Y.

In: Historian diktaattori- tyyppejä. Historian Aitta VII. Gummerus: Jyväskylä, Helsinki, The mission of the Hungarians between West and East as the Guardians of the Western, Christian values and justice in this respect resembled in the interwar years that of the Finns who also thought they had suffered from the wrongs of geography and history the Peace Treaty of Dorpat, As he repeatedly warns us, the concepts of charisma, personality cult and political Sex in der Urgemeinschaft should be utilized cautiously to describe and explain the cult phenomena.

Outwardly the myths and beliefs may sound similar and the rituals of different systems Nazi, Soviet display similar religious features but their ideological messages and political goals were even antagonistic. History defies even the best of concepts. Given the enthusiastic and rather productive times for historiography since the change of the system, it is amazing that no scholarly biographies of him have been published.

For the conservative Right he was the Savior and to the revolutionary Left the Murderer in the —30s. For the legalists hoping to restore monarchy, he was the Traitor.

After the change of Sex in der Urgemeinschaft system after the bourgeois found in him a real Hungarian patriot. Thus he remains a controversial personality to whom attach identities build from selected historical materials.

Sex in der Urgemeinschaft post-modern public and popular history he has at times become an object of glorification but the present evaluation seems — thanks to sharp scholarly criticism — to be very negative. It transpires that the Nazis developed the new Spartan cult to its most complete fruition in the European culture.

They made a magnificent but deceptive spectacle of it. In the nineteenth and twentieth century Hungarian nationalism, Elizabeth was made by her admirers become one with them, no longer representing the German- Austrian alterity versus Hungarian identity in any way. This identification was a general feature of all such nationalistic cult figures. In this way, the cult-builders enhanced their hegemony which has not been easy to break.

One may point to Sweden where the cult of Princess Victoria has become quite an addiction to some female fans. The cult of Napoleon marks Sex in der Urgemeinschaft beginning in the long series of personality cults and remains as such a kind of paragon for the rest. The identity of the French challenged the alterity of the British, and the issue had to be duly negotiated.

This episode reminds the editor of the people who nowadays rebury Sex in der Urgemeinschaft remains of their kin in foreign countries Hungarians in Poland and Russia, Finns in Karelia or carry them back home to be reburied.

They could be seen as memorial museum Sex in der Urgemeinschaft specifically designed to make people remember the defeat of Nazism by the Red Army The achievements of Socialism may have appeared incontestable in the s and s but as time went on they appeared rather pale in comparison to what people already knew from capitalist ware-houses and consumption. The purpose of the designers to make exhibitions sites of cult of secular religion finally failed, inspiring nowadays only romantic Sex in der Urgemeinschaft.

Something that was made unquestionable was revealed to be construed, more so Sex in der Urgemeinschaft the socialist reality betrayed the idealized message. Would it be amiss to set up an Sex in der Urgemeinschaft of those liberation exhibitions in order to show the utopian self-image of Hungarian Socialism?

In Finland, this purpose is obliquely fulfilled by the Lenin museum in Tampere. A more concrete example of a socialist wonderland is depicted to us by Zsuzsanna Varga. It received wide international interest and fame, and was visited by high-level statesmen also from the West, among them President Kekkonen in Sex in der Urgemeinschaft cults are about personalities and their superhuman qualities but in socialism material objects — achievements of all sorts from best- bred animals to colossal industrial plants — could assume cultic propensities, inspire wonderment, admiration and awe.

Certainly, this was in accordance with the logic of historical materialism which explained change in history basically in terms of innovations in forces of production the means of production, capital and labour force.