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When Jeni greets Cherie, something seems to be off. As they discuss her book Sex Treffen der Udmurtien, it almost seems like they're talking about two different things.

It's like Cherie wants Jeni to confess to something, but she has no idea what As her heaving breasts bounced above me, I Sex Treffen der Udmurtien feel her clitoris pressed onto mine, rubbing, grinding, over and over as the passion built.

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Even if there WAS a mixup, it looks like Jeni's going to ace her assignment, anyway! Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Neptune! After a few pictures, the classy duo Sex Treffen der Udmurtien ready for a deep fuck session! When she calls for her parents, she gets no response but thinks nothing of it as she continues on down the hallway.

She slows when she hears the sounds of sex, becoming startled but still morbidly curious. Daisy reaches the doorway of her parent's bedroom and curiously peers in through the crack, seeing her parents Reagan Rachael Cavalli and Travis Eric Masterson enthusiastically fucking.

Daisy quietly gasps. She sharply turns as if to bolt away but catches herself. She looks conflicted, though turns back to the door and peers through, unable to look away. She is wide-eyed with wonder as though she's discovered a whole new world. She watches as Reagan dirty talks with Travis. Eventually, Reagan teases Travis about having sex with Daisy.

Daisy clamps her hands over her mouth at the revelation. She adds that since Daisy Sex Treffen der Udmurtien 18 and is not actually related to either one of them as she is their step-daughter from a previous marriage, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Finally, Travis gives in and Reagan begins roleplaying as Daisy. Meanwhile, Daisy is still watching with morbid fascination from behind the door.

Reagan and Travis resume fucking. Reagan mentions her own feelings for Daisy Sex Treffen der Udmurtien the dirty talk. Daisy is still stunned outside Sex Treffen der Udmurtien door, having learned Reagan's thought of her, too. Her hand trails down her body. At the sight of Travis thrusting into Reagan, Daisy begins masturbating, unable to hold back. Reagan suddenly spots Daisy when she moans a Sex Treffen der Udmurtien too loudly, though Travis doesn't hear Sex Treffen der Udmurtien.

There is a tense moment as Reagan and Daisy lock eyes, as if they're possibly afraid of being outed by each other. Reagan then insists that Travis lays on his back and closes his eyes, telling him 'Keep your eyes closed He is no longer ashamed. He's completely in the moment. Reagan looks back to the door and crooks her finger, beckoning Daisy in. Daisy hesitates a moment but Reagan gives her a more pointed look. As Daisy Sex Treffen der Udmurtien but uncertainly steps inside, Reagan mouths for her to strip down and join them.

Daisy wanted to find out what her parents do behind closed doors, but will she regret her curiosity? Magic Mirror There's never a day that goes by where Odell doesn't sneak in a climax or two.