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I am currently in the U. Pinch yourself once. Pinch yourself twice. Yes, it really is happening. They Masyanya und Sex in reality neo-Trotskyists, since they are globalists and like destroying stuff. Any taxpayers out there feel like a refund? The media seems to be Masyanya und Sex a field day quoting Bellingcat as if it were now the official mouthpiece of The Metropolitan Police and the Government. I have no intention of being sucked into the black Masyanya und Sex of analysing the Bellingcat claims.

I have no idea of the validity of their claims. They may well be correct. They may well not. And I am only really interested in whether that case does, or does not stack up. Why do I say this? Take a look at what he said about their movements on Saturday 3rd March:. They are believed to have taken Masyanya und Sex similar route when they returned to London on the afternoon of Saturday, 3 March. Leaving Salisbury at approximately 4. Question: How much detail did he actually give about their movements in Salisbury that day?

The answer is none Masyanya und Sex all. Read it again. And just to remind you, the charge against the men relates to what they did in Salisbury, not in London. One of the commenters here, Peter, has established via a Freedom of Information request Masyanya und Sex Wiltshire Council that all CCTV cameras were operational on both days, and that Masyanya und Sex footage in relation to the March incident was handed over to the Counter-Terrorism Police.

Surely if the footage exists — which it does — then The Met ought to be able to tell us what the two men were doing and where they went. But the extraordinary thing is, not only did they fail to do this, but they actually appealed for Masyanya und Sex in establishing their movements:. We are particularly interested in establishing as much as possible about their movements during the period 2pm to 4. Why would they need help when plenty of CCTV exists for them to be able to trace their movements?

Actually, it gets worse. What on earth is this supposed to mean? If so, where is the CCTV footage of them doing so? Presumably there would be footage of them walking past the Shell garage on that day Masyanya und Sex. The use of the word reconnaissance is simply absurd. It makes it sound like they were involved in some clandestine military operation, behind enemy lines, checking out the lie of the land.

But actually they were in the rather Masyanya und Sex city of Salisbury, and could have checked their destination using Google maps. Or were they just checking that the door had a handle? On Sunday, 4 March, they made the same journey from the hotel, again using the underground from Bow to Waterloo station at approximately 8.

They left Salisbury and returned to Waterloo Station, arriving at approximately 4. Again, most of this is fluff. What has their journey from their hotel to Waterloo got to do with what they are charged with doing in Salisbury? What has their return journey to Waterloo and on to Heathrow got to do with what they are charged with doing in Salisbury?

Not much. The charge against them is that they carried out an assassination attempt in Salisbury, not that they got on a train here, a tube there, and an airplane somewhere else. And yet the actual details of their movements that they have given out are in reality non-existent.

Perhaps Bellingcat would like to answer the question of why this is. Since they appear to have taken over the investigation, that is.

A very well written article. We should keep in mind [as Lt pointed out a couple of threads ago] the fact CCTV cameras can zoom [in Masyanya und Sex out] quite a bit and pan [left, right, up and down].

The army doctor, ebola nurse, Nick Bailey are probably covered by military rules or the official secrets act and the Police by their code of conduct. This is the wrong Robert Wright! Approaching the front door, Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey extended a gloved hand to grasp the front door handle — always worth a try.

Ermittler Nick Bailey hatte sich Handschuhe angezogen und als Erstes — einen Versuch ist es immer wert — die Masyanya und Sex gedrückt. Aber die Tür war verschlossen, also war Masyanya und Sex um das Haus herum zur Hintertür gegangen, die ebenfalls zu war, und hatte sie gewaltsam geöffnet.

First question : Is a CID officer allowed to do that without judicial permission? In Germany, this would only be possible if there was a state of emergency danger to life. But this case was not given. Remember : Charlie visited Boots with his novichoked hands. Of course we must not know if Novichok was found there … But that is not the point. The article states:. Do you notice something? Paul, maybe the English version was redacted, but the German translator had the unredacted version?!

Liane, I had the same thought but the Masyanya und Sex would surely be able to answer the question one way or Masyanya und Sex other. Is somebody compiling a list of any significant differences between the 2 versions or did you spot that one yourself? The UK covenment serves platter after platter, filled with a ratatouille of distortions, half-truths and lies. Or if he knew who Mr Skripal was immediately and he was his handler he would definitely go through his pockets.

That German version is revealing — Masyanya und Sex by telling us what happened but by showing another hole in the original version. So what did exactly they find in his pockets — no front door or back door keys?

He possibly gets BZ poisoned Masyanya und Sex Maybe, the story of Baily gaining entry was made up? We know that there was no Novichok on the front door handle on 4 March. This means that he got contaminated in some other place. Milda, the only explanation that makes sense to me is that Bailey picked up the contaminated item at the bench. Masyanya und Sex it was in a bag he touched it later at the police station or at his home.

As Masyanya und Sex detective, Bailey could have searched the area in some Masyanya und Sex to the bench. He found something contaminated either at the bench or somewhere in the area. Has he interviewed Sgt Bailey? Signs that their house had been searched, perhaps, or maybe even the presence of a would-be assassin. He tweeted at the time of his book launch that he had not been in contact with Sergei since the Masyanya und Sex of last year. However, there had been no briefings on the part of the UK intelligence, Urban said.

If Bailey made the house accessible at the back, there was no need for Masyanya und Sex afterwards to touch the front door handle. None of the investigators going in and out in the two weeks Masyanya und Sex before the Novichok was discovered on the door handle would have needed to touch it. To make it a bit clearer: The Met likes the back door entry story because it supports the door handle theory — by explaining why nobody else after Bailey got contaminated.

The Met seems to be using supposedly independent reporters like Mark Urban to try out different stories to see which one is the most acceptable, before they Masyanya und Sex make it part Masyanya und Sex the official narrative. Brendan, indeed there was never seen anybody entering the front door in all the pictures and videos.

There was I believe reports of two people wearing masks on the Sunday. One a man and the other a woman. Has any one any other information on this? We are not allowed to know that — but there must be lots of CCTV so the police will certainly know. I expected some witnesses would confirm that Mishkin is Petrov. AHA, I thought — now Nataliya will show the photo at the local school.

AP, do you want to f. Owning a car in Loyga is almost pointless Masyanya und Sex all but two roads are mud and navigable only by all-terrain vehicles. One report has his Grandmother showing a journalist a picture of her Grandson meeting President Putin after a Masyanya und Sex ceremony. UK Media reporting that the third agent was on the same return flight to Moscow as the other two Colonels.

Sunday evening, March 4th. Also Putin ripped into his spy chief because of the debacle. Rob out of the country too. No coincidence there. Do we think the Skripal — Rus and Alex meeting took place at or so?

Of course other there should be know Masyanya und Sex for any questions as cctv tells us the routes and trains they took, if they took them. My instinct tells me the pair did not leave Masyanya und Sex by train the evening of Sat 3rd, where they went I have no idea but I suspect they were waiting for someone off a train atpossibly the Waterloo train.

We do know there was no train for them to get on to take them to London until later so the Met Masyanya und Sex was at best misleading because they know exactly what happened next but gave false information in their statement.